Islanders shock Adanacs, win game 1

The Delta Islanders certainly don’t want a repeat of last year’s final when they got swept by the Adanacs, meaning change needs to start right from game 1, which took place at the Coquitlam Sports Centre on Wednesday night.

The Islanders got off to a hot start early in the first period with goals from JonPhillips and EvanMessenger in the first three minutes of the period. 

17 seconds before the halfway mark of the first period, JavierTudela scored to make it 3-0 Islanders and then 10 seconds later, NateWade scored to make it a shocking 4-0 game, which stayed that way until the end of the period.

The second period was basically the opposite of the first. The Adanacs finally got on the board via power play when ThomasSemple scored 1:14 into the second.

The Adanacs continued to pressure and they continued to capitalize on their chances as BrettKujala and JohnHofseth each scored before the midway mark to make it a one-goal game.

Kujala tied the game up with 8:58 left in the second with a great heads up pass from goaltender ChristianDelBianco

It wasn’t until late in the period when the Islanders broke the tie, but the Adanacs quickly tied it up before the period ended when TylerPace scored. The Adanacs pestered Islanders’ goaltender KevinOrleman with 27 shots in the second period, so even though he let in 5 goals, the damage could’ve been a lot worse.

It was evident in the third period how bad the Islanders wanted to win this game. CamMilligan broke the tie 1:37 into the third period, but 4 minutes later, Jean-Luc Chetner scored to tie the game back up.

With 8:47 to go in the third, Phillips scored his second of the game to give the Islanders the lead again. 

The Islanders did not leave their foot off the gas. LiamMacdonald scored with 4:57 to go, giving the Islanders a two-goal lead, but even with 5 minutes to go, they knew the Adanacs could still claw back.

However, with 3:20 left on the clock, Messenger scored the dagger to make it 9-6, which would be the final as the Islanders take game 1. 



1. Evan Messenger - 2 goals, 3 assists

2. Delta - Kevin Orleman - 6 goals allowed, 52 saves

3. Delta - Cam Milligan - 2 goals, 1 assist


The Adanacs will look to regroup for game 2, which takes place at the Sungod Arena on Sunday evening.