2015 Entry Draft: Top 20 Prospects List



With the British Columbia Junior “A” Lacrosse League Midget Draft taking place this Sunday January 25th, we take some time now to look at some of the high ranking prospects out of the 200+ that are eligible for this years’ draft.


Each Junior “A” team has made trades in the past to better their chances for their regular season, a potential playoff run and trip to the Minto Cup or to improve their roster for the next seasons’ draft. It is none more apparent than the last statement for the Delta Islanders and Langley Thunder.


The Delta Islanders currently hold 5 picks in the first round alone which makes potential picks for them much easier. The Langley Thunder hold 2 picks in the first round and a total of 4 choices in the first 10 as they hold the #2, #6 and the #9 and #10 spots (top 2 of second round). Burnaby rounds out the teams with a pick in the top 10 as they hold the #3 pick in the draft.


While there are a number of very good players in the draft this year; it really becomes an organizations choice as to what area of the game they need to address and how soon they are prepared to develop that players’ game in their system before having them make the jump from Intermediate lacrosse to the Junior “A” level.  This years’ draft order can be found here


Below is a list of 20 top prospects graduating from the Midget division. Any one of them may be chosen in this years’ draft; where they are selected… is anyone’s guess. 




Treton (Tre) LeClaire (Semiahmoo)

Played with the 2014 National Champion Team BC (box), his 6ft. frame and quick feet would be an asset to any squad; throw in the fact that this right hander can fire the ball like a cannon and has the accuracy to squash a fly on the glass from 40ft., makes him a good bet to be selected at or near the top of the first round. It stands to reason why Delaware is salivating upon his high school graduation.


Robert (Bobby) Kidd III (Port Moody)

As a member of the 2014 National Champion Team BC (box) and 2014 Silver Medalists (field), this former football star has the size (6’ 2”), strength and ability to make an immediate impact in Junior. A smart defensive player, he transitions the ball well from his own end and can rip the rock top corner with the best of them. He is probably the best “all-around” athlete in this years’ draft.


Mackenzie Rope (Ridge Meadows)

Another member of the 2014 National Champion Team BC (box) and 2014 Silver Medalists (field); a natural right handed shooter who will rip the mesh every chance you give him. He has honed his skills and is best suited for more of the offensive zone, but don’t assume he won’t play transition in Intermediate or Junior. Throw in that he can take face-offs and you have a pretty good pick in this player.


Mathieu Jung (Cowichan Valley)

Just off a great showing with Team BC (field) at Nationals and Baltimore, Mathieu is that hard-working “all-around” left hander that can play anywhere you want; offence, defence, transition or specialty team. At approximately 5’ 9”; he plays like he is 6ft., not shying away from anyone or any situation; he is a true team leader and a coach’s dream.


Jacob Patterson (Port Moody)

A silver medalist with the 2014 Team BC (field) team, Jacob has all of the tools to be a tremendous right-handed transitional player. Has good shooting sense around the net. Good stick skills and speed and is good on loose balls. Good fitness and athletic ability. Has gotten his feet wet and has played Intermediate as a call-up already. Would excel as a transitional offensive player.


Liam MacDonald (North Shore)

Another member of both box and field Team BC programs, this lefty has very good transition skills. He has a great outside shot and a nice first step to commit the defender. You don’t want to ever leave him open around then net as he will make you pay. Defensively he does his job and contains his man but don’t let him break past you or he can leave you in his dust as he buries one into the twine.


Anthony Kalinich (Ridge Meadows)

Another duel member of the Team BC program, he thrives on his defensive prowess. A rugged and tough right-handed defender, he contains his check every shift and when you least expect it… the ball is out of your stick and he transitions the ball up the floor. Not known to be an offensive threat, he can definitely rip the mesh if given too much space. He is one of the better defensive minded players in this years’ draft.


Zachary Manns (Saanich)

Leading the Saanich Tigers to a 4th place finish at Provincials, this left handed transitional player has great hands and an even better vision. This lefty can give your ‘keeper sunburn on any given day but his floor sense is what intrigues most opposing coaches. Unselfishly, he moves the ball quickly ahead up floor and doesn’t care if he gets a point, as long as the team wins!


Brian Robb (Cowichan Valley)

Another Team BC (field) silver medalist, this right-handed transition player has the skills at both ends of the floor. He likes to play high defensively only to burn you on the fast-break once you shoot. With quick feet and great speed, giving him time around the net will only secure him a goal and your coach a fit. Can play on any specialty team with ease and make you pay at either end of the floor.


Dylan Kaminski (Port Moody)

Played Team BC box and was called-up to play Intermediate “A” in 2014. This left handed shooter would excel as an offensive player in the Intermediate game. Good hands and stick skills, coupled with scoring ability; he can turn you inside out at either end. He is a big strong player that likes to drive to the cage when you give him space. Good face off skills and a vacuum around loose balls will make him another hot commodity. Throw in the fact he is an honour student and you have one smart player.


Cameron Overby (Richmond) (Goaltender)

Another graduate of the Team BC National Champions, he posted a GAA (1.00) and a save percentage (9.06) in 3 games at Nationals, with 1 shutout. A 6’ 2” right handed goalie with a very keen eye for angles and positioning as well as great side to side movement that prevents his opposition from scoring goals on cross crease passes. He has already benefited from playing Intermediate and being in the larger nets. Look for him to be plucked in the first round.


Nash Kinna (Surrey)

A huge left handed stay at home defender that loves to punish players inside the dotted line. His 6+ foot frame and build, rivals most Jr. players already and he uses that size to intimidate the offence. If you are lucky enough to beat him once, it won’t happen a second time as he’ll put you on the ground on your next attempt. Good at loose balls and is quick to move the ball up floor; a good defensive leader.


Benjamin (Ben) Preston (Saanich)

Not as big as his elder sibling (Nick) with the Shamrocks but some say he has quicker feet and a great first move off a pick that will have defenders playing catch-up. A sweet left-hander that can bury the rock from almost anywhere in the offensive end. His ability to see the floor is unparalleled and he is quick to dish to an open man, truly unselfish. A scholar who would benefit any Intermediate program this season.


Daylan Kellough (Ridge Meadows)

A tall left hander that is best suited for the offensive end. His slender build makes him ideal for the 2 man pick and roll game and a long reach will keep goalies from jumping out on him. Whether he shoots around or over the ‘keeper, he will put the ball in the net. A smart player, he will really improve a teams’ offence in years to come.


Tyler Moxin (Richmond)

Another duo-sport player; he plays football for the North Delta, plays runningback, quarterback free safety, kicker… you name it. This right handed threat has a great shot and even better foot speed. At 5’ 11” and 156lbs. He can defend you anywhere on the floor and then carry a team on his back if you need him to. Should be a high pick for the top 20.


Haden Harty (Ridge Meadows)

A big, strong right handed O guy who has incredible speed. He is of average size but his play is nothing close to average, he plays with a ton of heart and enthusiasm and will be a monster of a player best suited for the transition game once he gets his feet firmly set in the Int./Jr. game.


Kyle Bleasdale (Port Moody) (Goaltender)

At 6’ 3” tall and 240lbs, this guardian of the crease will be a good addition to any team roster for the future. Being bigger, he naturally takes up more net but don’t let his size fool you. He has good foot movement side to side which allows him to stop shooters when they think they have a sure goal. With more goalie coaching development, he can be a ‘keeper of the future.


Sean Dyck (Semiahmoo)

As a member of the 2014 Midget A2 Provincial Gold Medalist, his playmaking skills were a 1-2 punch with teammate LeClaire. With an uncanny knack around the net, it’s his “business as usual” attitude and two-way play that draws him more attention. An unselfish player that should definitely go in the top 20.


Dawson Rodin (Chilliwack)

A big right hander that can shoot hard and has heavy shot. He slashes through the middle to create space for himself and teammates; he does need to see floor better for the open guy but Intermediate will give him that. He played some Int. “A” lacrosse last year as a call-up.


Nathan McKeigan (Mission)

A good sized right handed player that transitions the ball well. He has gained great experience over the past after playing with Team BC and being called up to Intermediate this season; he has done more than held his own. Not a flashy offensive threat but more of a “give it and I will take it” kind of player.





Jack Isherwood (Peninsula)

A product of the Peninsula Warriors, this 6’ 4” left hander is a player that could prove to be beneficial to any team needing size and motion inside. He is hard to move at the best of times and add a ball and he can be a player like the days of Peter Parke in New Westminster. At peak athletic ability, he would be a great addition to a transition and two-man game on the left side.


Dakota Kasper (Saanich) (Goaltender)

Bask-stopping Saanich to a 4th place finish at the Midget A1 Provincials, he has really grown in size and as a goaltender as of late. At near 6’, he fills the net and has developed his crease mobility very well and has sky-rocketed his worth for this draft. Would be a top 20 pick but due to living on the Island, may be a late round pick to an Island team.


Jadden Schellauf (Ridge Meadows)

Not huge in stature but is a strong righty with the grit and determination to compete with those bigger. He has a great stick and an uncanny ability to get himself free within the dotted line and “turn on the right light” on a regular basis.


Nick Schwartz (Port Moody)

Known for his tenacious tough play, his work ethic alone will prove invaluable to any team as he gives 110% every shift. With speed and good loose ball recovery, his fitness and athleticism should make him a good defensive transitional player in the future. Whoever gets this young man will be impressed (sleeper pick of the draft).


Wilson Gurney (Saanich)

Another pick that should go higher but residential logistics won’t have it. This 6’ 2” right handed defensive brute should be assigned to opponents offensive threats. One of the top 3 Island defensive players last year and an easy selection if you want size, strength and your goalie to see less than 50 shots a game.


Six rounds of graduated midget players (graduated in 2014); all free agent players residing in BCLA minor directorate zones 3, 4, 5 & 6 are eligible. Players and parents are encouraged to attend. Refreshments will be available.


If you are not able to attend the draft in person, watch here to see where you will be picked or who your favourite team chooses!